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Mascara is the best way to make your makeup pop! It adds a certain ‘wow’ factor that only comes with highlighting and defining the eyes. Whether you are looking for a subtle effect to wear during the day or a daring, dramatic look perfect for a night out, mascara is the perfect tool! There are two main purposes of mascara - to either create length or volume. Here, we will discuss three different types of mascaras and how they can be used to create different effects. The one thing about mascara we want to emphasize is to never buy waterproof mascara. Although it seems like a good idea, waterproof mascara is sticky and highly prone to clumping and creating that ‘spidery lash’ look. Furthermore, we have found regular mascara (especially the ones we highlight below) to be pretty water resistant already!

How To Pick The Right Color
In general, mascaras come in a spectrum from browns to blacks. In general, the darker your hair/eye color/features are, the darker mascara you should use. Using a mascara that is too dark for your features can create a ‘raccoon’ effect where the eyes are actually too dark. Balancing when it comes to makeup is key. For fair tones with either blonde/red hair, dark brown mascaras can highlight without overwhelming. For darker tones with darker brown/black hair, black mascaras work well.

How To Apply
Regardless of which mascara you use, application is extremely important to get a perfect, finished look. It may take some practice, but here a few tips to help you! For your upper lashes, put the wand at the base of the lashes to deposit color at the root. Then, wiggle the brush slightly back and forth and you sweep up again the lashes. Wiggling the brush helps to separate the lashes while applying the mascara. Repeat as many times and necessary to achieve your desired level of drama, and do not let the mascara dry in between coats. For your lower lashes, use the same technique but do not wiggle the wand back and forth. The lashes here are too small to use this technique. Another technique for a thicker application is to hold the wand vertically while running it from side to side along the lashes. This can sometimes cause clumping, so be sure to brush lightly.

#1 Lengthening Mascara
Tu Cara Bella’s #1 pick is Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Volumizing Mascara. Although this mascara is advertised as a volumizer, we believe it does a much better job at lengthening those lashes. The hard wand helps to gently stretch the lashes to their fullest potential while separating them beautifully. The large wand is easy to control, and the hypoallergenic formula is perfect for those with sensitive eyes or contact wearers. Tu Cara Bella definitely gives this mascara two thumbs up!

#1 Volumizing Mascara
Our #1 pick is Maybelline’s Volum’ Express mascara. Although it does not advertise quite the drama as some of Maybelline’s newer mascaras (like the Falsies line), we still think this classic tried-and-true mascara is the best. Although it offers extreme volume, applying is a breeze as the formula is not at all prone to clumping. It is easy apply multiple coats, and the finish product are beautiful, lush, thick lashes that still look natural. Like the Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara, this too is hypoallergenic and opthalmologist tested. Tu Cara Bella gives this mascara 5 stars!

#1 All-Around Mascara   
If you are looking for a good daytime mascara that adds drama without being overdone, Tu Cara Bella recommends Rimmel London’s Sexy Curves mascara.This revolutionary mascara has a curved brush that actually lifts the lashes while plumping at the same time. Because of this technology, this mascara is a perfect solution for those rushed mornings when one quick coat will simply have to do. But with this mascara, you get a little bit of everything combine into one - volume, length, and curl! We think this mascara is perfectly all-purpose!